CC For Sale: 2002 Toyota Avalon – 172k Miles; $3,000 – Comfy and Likely Reliable

This is not a car I would normally stop for, although it is some twenty years old now. But since I saw a For Sale sign in the window, I figured it was worth breaking my stride to see what something like this goes for.

I really don’t follow used car prices, but it seems to me that if someone wanted a nice plush sedan that was likely to provide quite a bit more service with low risk of required repairs, this would seem like a very good way to go. And I don’t doubt for a second that it’s in great condition, given that every Avalon buyer I’ve ever seen looked like someone who treated it well. This is the Buick of the aughts.

The styling on these was a bit of a surprise when I first saw one, given that there was a conscious effort to make the windows more vertical than typical, making it look oddly flat-sided. It was done to increase the impression of interior space, and it’s right up my alley, but it was a bit curious at the time.

Its interior looks suitably comfortable and made with quality materials. The wear on the driver’s seat looks negligible, given the 172k miles. Very Lexus-like.

The back seat area appears to be very commodious. Undoubtedly the additional 4″ of wheelbase these got over the platform-donor Camry all went here, with what appears to be very generous leg room.

I did not know that these US-made Avalons were exported to Japan, and sold as the Toyota Pronard. Sales were not good, though, and that was dropped after this generation. It’s not like Toyota didn’t already have a wide range of large sedans on tap domestically.

Someone’s likely to end up with a reliable and comfortable car.