CC Global: 2018 Scania R650 6×4 Truck And 2020 GS Full Trailer – No Trunks In The Bunks

Scania R650 and GS full trailer - 1

This heavy truck and full trailer combination is a purpose-built tree trunk collector. Such a configuration is widely used in the European logging business. Depending on the country’s legislation, the trailer’s length and number of axles vary. What these rigs do have in common, is that the truck is equipped with a crane, mounted on the rear end of the frame. In other words, they are all self-loaders.

2018 Scania R650 6x4 - 1

2018 Scania R650 6x4 - 2

European loggers often prefer Swedish horses for roaming the woods. In this case, 650 of them house in the Scania’s 16.4 liter V8. Given its profession, the truck has a dual-drive tandem.

Palfinger Epsilon crane

The Palfinger Epsilon crane, sitting right in the middle. Palfinger is a globally operating, Austrian company.

2020 GS full trailer

The 2020 GS trailer, each axle is rated at a maximum axle load of 10 metric tons (22,046 lbs). The second axle is liftable.

Scania R650 and GS full trailer - 2

The Finnish Alucar company made the aluminum bunks. Both truck and trailer have ALU 75 type of bunks. Many experienced and renowned manufacturers of logging equipment hail from Finland and Sweden, no surprise here.

The weighty numbers of this Dutch logging combo: legal maximum GVM 50,000 kg (110,231 lbs), total curb weight 20,340 kg (44,842 lbs); thus, the payload capacity is 29,660 kg (65,389 lbs). Legally, that is, there are plenty of reserves.

Volvo FH logging

Here’s a similar Van den Nagel combination, now with a full load of trunks in the bunks, featuring a 2019 Volvo FH 6×4 with 510 DIN-hp. (photo courtesy of the Van den Nagel Groep)

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