CC’s For Sale: St. Vinnie’s Car Pound – Where Abandoned Old Dogs Wait To Be Rescued, Part 1


These Cobalts are dangerous; they’ve been known to bite and even kill their owners. Better stay away. Fortunately, there’s very few left.


A Saab without a price. What does that mean?

The first of a number of Camrys. The Black Lab of cars.

A Green Lab.

A Nissan Hardbody. Tough little runt.

The first of several Corollas. What’s the most reliable dog?


A Legacy with a mini-spare on the front.

Let’s get back to the main attractions on the front “island”. Now here’s something for you Northstar lovers. They do have a tendency to pee in inappropriate places.

A Passat, from the good old days when these were still so popular. So were dachshunds.

Another MGM, from the box era.

A very tough looking beast of burden here; the St. Bernard of trucks.


And another U-Boat. Sorry about the price being sideways, but it’s just not worth fixing. The image, that is.

The first of a number of PT Cruisers. Another fad breed, and now they’re all petering out.

White Lab.

An Escort. Remember when these were all priced at $9,995, for any body style? That made the wagon a bit of a steal.

A Civic, to round things out a bit. A generally well-behaved breed.


Next to its competition.

Another Civic.

And now we get to the stars of the show, a matching pair of baby Benzes. Schnauzers, in other words.

The coupe is a C230 Kompressor.

And the ragtop is a CLK320. Priced accordingly.


This Corolla must be hale and hearty at this price.

Another fish among dogs.


I should have bought this Kia Sportage for my Nevada cross-country trip. It’s a stick shift, no less.

That’s it for the front lot; we’ll see you out back soon, for the really good stuff.

If you’re willing to adopt one of these lovable puppies, give them a call at (541) 607-4541.

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