CC Gets A Tune-Up

The CC website-mobile has been chugging along slower and slower, threatening to stop (or not start) altogether. Yes, I’m notorious for delaying preventive maintenance. But help has arrived, in the form of CC’er stembre (Ed Stembridge), who has kindly offered us a full professional tune-up. New plugs (plug-in updates) and a full rebuild on the clattering old WP motor. And we may ditch the slide show, or find a way to make it less of a horsepower-hog. Kind of like swapping in a manual to replace the slush box. And more serious changes are being mulled over (engine transplant? New paint job?). We did have a hiccup this morning, and our new webmaster apologizes for that, but the site is already loading up quicker. But we’ve only just begun, and with Ed’s help, the old buggy should be scooting along a lot brisker soon.

On a less technical note, Executive Editor Tom Klockau will be easing back into a genuine job starting next week. That means we’ll be divvying up duties behind the wheel, and as his job eventually becomes full-time, we’re either going to be an early adopter of google’s autonomous car technology, or we’ll find another willing victim. Or I will do what needs to be done, driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on…

We’re always looking for folks who have adequate mastery of the language to join the ever-growing CCCC (CC Contributor Corps). If you’re a Cohort poster, and want to step up into the big league, drop me a line at the Contact form. Any other suggestions, while the hood is open?