CC Global: 2022 MAN TGX 41.640 And 2018 Scheuerle Low Loader – Running In The Family Business

Lafeber - 2022 MAN TGX 41.640 - 2018 Scheuerle InterCombi - 1

The history of the E. Lafeber hauling company can be traced back to 1820. Talking about a business that has withstood the test of time. Since the eighties -fast forward to the 20th century- they rely on MAN tractors for the heaviest transport jobs. The latest entry is a 2022 TGX 41.640 8×4 tractor, rated at a gross combination weight of 250 tonnes (551,000 lbs).

Its up-to-the-task powertrain comprises a 640 hp, 15.2 liter MAN D3876 inline-six, a TipMatic automated manual transmission, a WSK torque converter and a pair of planetary drive axles.

The maximum torque output of the truck maker’s biggest and most powerful turbodiesel is 3,000 Nm (2,213 lb-ft), starting to peak @ 930 rpm. Bring it on!

Lafeber - 2022 MAN TGX 41.640 - 2018 Scheuerle InterCombi - 2

Plentiful storage lockers, even between the wheels. After all, small stuff is best stored in small lockers. Retractable step ladders provide easy access to the platform above the second axle. There’s a long fuel tank filler neck between the two main, vertical storage lockers. Perfection right down to the last detail, wherever you look.

Furthermore, the MAN is equipped with a heavy-duty front and rear trailer coupling, so it can also be used as a ballast tractor. A crossbeam with twist locks -between the second and third axle, on top of the frame- secures the ballast weight.

MAN TGX interior

The interior of the current TGX-series, as introduced in 2020. Thanks to the automated manual transmission, there’s no gear shift lever intruding into the cab.

Though Lafeber’s heavy haulage tractor is nicknamed ‘El Toro’, MAN’s official logo is a rather angular lion.

Büssing - MAN logo

More precisely, a representation of the ‘Braunschweiger Löwe’, originally used by Büssing as their famous logo. In 1971, the venerable truck and bus manufacturer was taken over by MAN, back then known as M.A.N. AG (Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg Aktiengesellschaft ).

These days, MAN is one of the brands of the Traton Group (Volkswagen). The others are Scania, Navistar/International and the Volkswagen trucks and buses from Brazil.

Lafeber - 2022 MAN TGX 41.640 - 2018 Scheuerle InterCombi - 3

As impressive as the tractor is the modular, 2018 Scheuerle InterCombi low loader.

Lafeber - 2018 Scheuerle InterCombi 3-bed-5 low loader

The Lafeber company posted this picture on their FB-site, taken shortly after they took delivery of the 3-bed-5 low loader.

Lafeber - 2022 MAN TGX 41.640 - 2018 Scheuerle InterCombi - 4

At the heavy haulage event, the tridem-axle front module was detached. Note the creation of a full bed by using solid, hardwood panels.

Lafeber - 2022 MAN TGX 41.640 - 2018 Scheuerle InterCombi - 5

The five-axle rear module itself is also perfectly suited to carry heavy freight.

Lafeber - 2022 MAN TGX 41.640 - 2018 Scheuerle InterCombi - 6

The combination in its element, a 107 tonnes (236,000 lbs) piling rig is resting on the low loader with its tracks free-hanging. The rig’s only non-steering axles are the tractor’s drive axles.

Lafeber - part of the fleet

Lafeber’s livery is distinctive and highly recognizable. Carry on, up to the next 200 years!