CC Global: 2022 Scania S530 V8 And 2015 DAF XF 510 Potted Plant Movers – Wallflowers They Ain’t

2022 Scania S530 V8 Veenplant - 1

Vrachtwagen met wipkar. That’s Double Dutch for a straight truck with a close-coupled center axle trailer, a widely used combination vehicle in the Netherlands for transporting flowers and potted plants. The Veenplant company sent two of such big rigs to the show I recently visited.

2022 Scania S530 V8 Veenplant - 2

For those who are into kickboxing, you may have recognized Rico Verhoeven on the side of the cab. And for those who are not, the man on the side of the cab is kickboxer Rico Verhoeven. Commonly, he’s the last man standing.

The Scania truck, with the high-end S cab, follows the same 6×2*4 drivetrain recipe as this plant-hauling vrachtwagen, yet it’s powered by a 16.4 liter V8 instead of a 9.3 liter inline-five. For a much harder punch, to stay on topic.

2022 Scania S530 V8 Veenplant - 3

The truck body and the complete trailer were built by EBO van Weel. And both the truck and the trailer are equipped with a Dhollandia slider type of liftgate.

Evidently, the tandem axle trailer has front cargo doors. Open all doors the combination has, lower the ramp -basically a bridge- between the trailer and the truck and the whole loading and unloading process of the entire rig can take place in one go, without de- and recoupling the trailer.

The combo is rated at a gross combined vehicle weight of 45 metric tons (99,200 lbs), that’s rumbling in the heavyweight class for sure.

2022 Scania S530 V8 Veenplant - 4

Backing up a center axle trailer is easier than reversing a full trailer, as there is only one steering pivot point, it’s directly behind the truck’s rearmost axle (whereas a full trailer has two steering pivot points).

2015 DAF XF 510 Veenplant - 1

2015 DAF XF 510 Veenplant - 2

An older co-worker of the Scania was also present. The exact same configuration, a bit more introvert, yet still standing out from the crowd. A 2015 DAF XF 510 FAN with a 2006 Floor center axle trailer. FAN is DAF-language for a straight truck with a 6×2*4 drivetrain, here’s another one.

BIGtruck online magazine, also the organizer of the show, posted a video of Veenplant’s new Scania on YouTube. Twisting, turning and round the roundabouts it goes. Or is “shuffling” more appropriate?