Vintage Photo: 1964 Chevrolet C30 “Super Suburban” – 10.5′ Long Body

This shot of 1964 Chevrolet C30 Panel Van converted into a “Super Suburban” for fire crews finally gave me the impetus to find out just how long these bodies were: 10.5 feet. I knew they were long, but somehow assumed they were 9 or 9.5 feet, not having given the subject much thought.

I did ride in one once hitchhiking, from Monterey to San Jose. I had to ride in the back, and yes, the mostly empty van converted into a crude camper (mattress on the floor, etc.) rode mighty hard on its one-ton rated rear springs.

There’s not much out there on these extra long panel vans, which had been built on the one-ton chassis for quite a few years. But here’s the proof, and it surprised me in another way: the two-door Chevy Suburban back then had a 7.5′ long body; I always assumed it was a bit shorter than that too, as in 7′. That’s only a half foot less than the 1967-up Suburbans; somehow they look a bit shorter than that.