CC Global: On- And Off-Road Mishmash

1997 VW Golf 1.6 CL - 1

A variety of outdoor activities took place alongside my walking route, last Monday. And some folks were just sitting down by the riverside, relaxing. Let’s start today’s tour, I’ll get back to this good ol’ Golf later.

2007 Iveco Daily and 2011 VW Caddy

On the left a 2007 Iveco Daily 40C12 crew cab flatbed truck, on the right a 2011 Volkswagen Caddy 1.6 TDI panel van.

2007 Iveco Daily 40C12 crew cab flatbed truck

The Iveco is powered by a 2.3 liter turbodiesel. The light truck is a typical example of a contractor’s runabout, all work and no play.

Fendt 722 Vario - 1

The Dekkers company arrived at the scene with some serious off-road machinery too. Many contractors use 4WD, 200+ hp farm tractors for both agricultural work and earth moving. The tandem axle trailer gets a full load, the cargo covers are hanging down on each side of the dump bed.

Fendt 722 Vario - 2

The tractor is a Fendt 722 Vario, a current model of the 700-series. It’s powered by a Deutz 6,056 cc inline-six engine, good for 220 hp.

Fendt has an excellent reputation among farmers and contractors. A premium brand, so to say. They don’t come cheap, but their depreciation is relatively low.

Fendt tractor with Krone silage wagon

From earth moving to agriculture, featuring another Fendt. An older series, with the more sharp-lined fenders. The tractor is towing a Krone ZX 450 GL self-loading silage wagon with a capacity of 45 m³ (1,589 ft³).

2010 Opel Combo 1.3 CDTI ecoFLEX

2010 Opel Combo 1.3 CDTI ecoFLEX panel van. The last Combo model by Opel, based on the third generation of the Opel Corsa subcompact hatchback. The next series, introduced in 2011, was a rebadged Fiat Doblò II (aka the Ram ProMaster City).

The current Combo is a rebadged PSA product, known as the Peugeot Partner and Citroën Berlingo. By the way, also marketed as the Toyota ProAce City. Have your pick.

The Opel above is owned by a demolition and recycling company. Most likely, the van is the commuter car of the excavator operator.

2008 Scania R480 8x4 truck with hooklift system

There he is, hiding behind a 2008 Scania R480 8×4, loading old bricks into the container. As you can see, a chassis with a hooklift system can perfectly function as a dump truck.

2007 Scania R560 8x2 truck

Another Scania straight truck with four axles, carrying an open top container, yet with another axle configuration. It’s a 2007 Scania R560 V8 8×2. The tridem axle set-up, from left to right: a liftable and steering pusher axle, the drive axle and a liftable tag axle. This truck is rated at a legal maximum gross weight of 36 metric tons vs 37 metric tons for De Ruiter’s 8×4.

You’re absolutely right that the truck’s livery looks familiar, as I posted other rigs of this company here, here and here. Scania V8 parking only. All other vehicles will be towed.

Fiat Ducato based motorhomes

Now it’s time to relax, here are three Fiat Ducato based motorhomes. From left to right: a 2004 Hymer, 2015 Carthago and 1999 Rapido.

Motorhomes and river vessel

Just to put things into perspective.

1997 VW Golf 1.6 CL - 2

1997 VW Golf 1.6 CL - 3

The last of the tour, a 1997 Volkswagen Golf III 1.6 CL. Back to basic, still going strong.

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