CC Global: Two Volvo FH 6×4 Tractors – Towing Nooteboom, Carrying Hitachi

Heavy equipment hauling heavy equipment, that’s always photogenic material at any truck show. It gets even better if two combinations, representing the same manufacturers, are parked side by side: a Volvo tractor, a Nooteboom low loader and Hitachi earthmoving equipment.

The Vink company sent their 2017 Volvo FH Globetrotter 6×4 to the show, towing a 2007 Nooteboom Euro-59-03 low loader. The Nooteboom’s registered payload capacity is 40,820 kg (89,993 lbs).

Also worth mentioning is that the tractor’s rearmost drive axle is liftable.

Volvo introduced the optional liftable drive axle in 2015.

The Hitachi wheel loader must be brand new, there was not even the slightest spot or scratch on the whole machine.

The other combination, hauling a Hitachi crawler excavator, owned by P. Vos BV. Massive!

Their 2018 Volvo FH 6×4 tractor with a low/standard roof and a neat, fresh color scheme.

Volvo FM and FH tractors are widely used in the special and heavy haulage business. For that specific branch of on-road transport, they are offered with 3, 4 or 5 axles (so as a 6×4, 8×4 or 10×4 tractor respectively). Maximum power output up to 750 DIN-hp for the FH16 top model.

Naturally, heavy-duty front axles with super singles are a must; the Vos-Volvo has a 9 tons steering axle, while the Vink-Volvo features a 10 tons axle.

The rear end of the 2018 Nooteboom Euro-66-03 low loader. Payload capacity 43,960 kg (96,915 lbs).

This detachable tandem axle unit between the gooseneck and the bed is called an interdolly. And nobody kicked the bucket(s), thank goodness.

You just can’t have enough (hydraulic) steering axles in this profession, the world of heavy metal.

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