CC Global: Visiting a Fleet Site

Lewiszong - Fleet of DAF tractors - 1

On Saturday May 21, several local companies kept open house and welcomed anyone who was interested in their business. I decided to skip my 12th lesson Fret Sawing for Advanced Learners and drove straight to the Lewiszong hauling company. No regrets.

Lewiszong - 2022 DAF XG 450 FT - 1

Lewiszong - 2022 DAF XG 450 FT - 2

The latest member of the fleet, a 2022 DAF XG 450 FT tractor, powered by the 10.8 liter MX-11 engine. The red letters ATi stand for Advanced Turbo Intercooling, an old DAF designation, dating back to the eighties. A nice detail on a brand new tractor and model.

In the background the work shop with a grease pit. The company was established in 1973, when founder Jan Lewiszong traded a color TV for an old 6×6 dump truck, while he was still in school. And the rest is history, as they say.

Lewiszong - 2022 DAF XG 450 FT - 3

In the Netherlands, any 4×2 tractor chassis in the on-highway top segment must be able to cope with a gross combination weight of 50 tons (110,000 lbs). If not, get off my lawn yard!

Lewiszong - 2011 DAF FTG XF 105.410

A 2011 DAF FTG XF 105.410 6×2/4 tractor with a 1999 Burg flatbed semi-trailer. Its bed is as flat as a flatbed can be. The Burg’s registered payload capacity is 30,490 kg (67,220 lbs).

Lewiszong - 1999 Burg flatbed semi-trailer

There’s a cable-controlled steering system on the third semi-trailer axle, guided by the tractor’s fifth wheel coupling. Such a semi is typically used to transport weighty steel products.

Lewiszong - classic heavy vehicles - 1

The Lewiszong family is also known for their extensive collection of classic, heavy vehicles. I posted many of them over the past years, they were displayed at almost all events I visited.

Lewiszong - classic heavy vehicles - 2

On the left, a 2001 DAF 95XF tractor. Next in the line-up, a 2017 DAF XF 440 FT. Both share the same cab structure, originating from the 1987 F248, 95-series.

You must have noticed on which truck maker the company relies for their core-business. As for the classics, anything goes. Besides DAF, of course.

Lewiszong - 1996 Scania 143H V8 500 6x2 - 1

Lewiszong - 1996 Scania 143H V8 500 6x2 - 2

Outstanding, this 1996 Scania 143H V8 500 6×2 tractor with the Streamline aero-package and the aftermarket, Estepe raised roof. Scania’s 3-series was never offered with a factory high roof.

Lewiszong - 1990 Volvo F12 6x2 truck

Not all old rides are keepers or get a full restoration after purchase. Here’s an original, 1990 Volvo F12 6×2 truck.

Lewiszong - 1969 DAF full trailer

The Volvo teamed up with a 1969 DAF full trailer. From the days that Van Doorne also built trailers and semi-trailers. And small cars, for that matter.

Lewiszong - 1989 Volvo F16 6x2 truck

Another Volvo 6×2 truck, a 1989 F16. The first heavy Volvo-series with the 16.1 liter, inline-six, introduced in 1987. With a maximum power output of 470 hp, it was an absolute brute in its days. Throughout the years, the truck maker’s biggest engine evolved into a 750 hp powerhouse.

Lewiszong - 1990 Pacton full trailer

It seems like the 1990 Pacton full trailer is missing its flatbed. But it never had a bed, it’s a dedicated 20ft shipping container carrier. Just like the Pacton, the Volvo also has twistlocks for securing a 20 ft container.

Lewiszong - 1976 DAF FT 2800 and 1972 DAF FTR 2600

Wonderful, these two on-highway legends, recognizable from far away. Father (in red) and son, in a way. A 1976 DAF FT 2800 next to a 1972 DAF FTR 2600.

The 2800, also known as the F241-series, was introduced in 1973 and was DAF’s first flagship model with a tilt cab. Furthermore, its 11.6 liter engine was the first turbocharged truck diesel with an intercooler.

Lewiszong - fleet of DAF tractors - 2

A whole fleet of classic company trucks and tractors in motion can be found on YouTube. Typing Lewiszong in the search bar is enough.

One of my favorites is this footage of an air-cooled, 1971 Magirus-Deutz 170 D 21 “Eckhauber” 6×6 dump truck. On a related note, Lewiszong’s first truck -back in 1973- was an ex-military REO with a DAF diesel, used for similar earth moving jobs.