Future Curbside Classic: Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet- The Rarest Murano


(first posted 9/1/2013)    When I saw this Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet (Murano CC), I recalled a Car and Driver review of the Saab Sonett II. The review suggested you were better off telling your neighbors you built the Sonett II yourself, rather than admitting to paying the car’s actual asking price. Looking at the Murano CC, I have exactly the same thought.

Considering the changes Nissan made to the Murano to create this CUV convertible (chopped the roof, new doors, rear quarter panels, and rear deck), it’s no surprise the asking price is North of $45,000. Unfortunately, the end result is more far more home built than classic.

Murano 3

I’m not sure how rare this Murano is (Nissan does not break the CC out of other Murano sales), but it’s clear the monthly sales rate could be figured using an abacus or other manual tracking device.

In fact, an Edmunds.com article called the Murano CC a sales failure over a year ago, and included this interesting chart showing us the failure in graphic form. I do find it remarkable that at the time, three Murano CCs plied the open roads of North Dakota. Oil field workers with excess bonus money burning a hole in their pockets?


Sharp eyed readers may have already noted this Murano has not made the leap into private ownership. The California distributor plate numbered “562” indicates Nissan still maintains possession of this car. It may be part of the corporate pool, or out for an extended media review, but the plate means it hasn’t yet appeared on a monthly sales report.