CC Global: 2012 Volvo FH Globetrotter – 510 Diesel Horses Working On a Floating Solar Project

2012 Volvo FH Globetrotter Klever - 1

When I’m on my way, I’m always on the lookout for heavy machinery scenery. Like this Volvo at work, owned by Klever Boor- en Perstechniek. The company -an experienced specialist in horizontal drilling- is hired to work on an underground power line between a floating solar project and the nearby electrical substation.

2012 Volvo FH Globetrotter Klever - 2

The 2012 Volvo FH Globetrotter, with a tridem-axle configuration, is registered as a straight truck with a detachable body. This means that the big tank is mounted on its own frame and can be put on and off the Volvo with the truck’s hydraulic hooklift hoist. Such chassis are highly versatile, as a wide variety of bodies can be used. Flatbeds, open top or fully enclosed containers, concrete mixer units, tool carriers, you name it.

The truck’s legal maximum GVM is 35,500 kg (78,264 lbs). The second and third axle are the dual wheeled drive axles, whereas the front axle and the liftable and steering tag axle have super single tires.

2012 Volvo FH Globetrotter Klever - 3

The tank/pump-combination was connected to an enclosed container, as seen on the right. Since I’m not a horizontal drilling specialist, I can’t tell whether the Volvo was loading or unloading. But it certainly was speaking to me. Through its dual smoke stacks, actually.

2019 Volvo FH Klever

Klever is a loyal Volvo customer. This 2019 FH duo, also equipped with a hooklift system, is rated at a GVM of 43 metric tons each (photo courtesy of Cojan van Toor).

Volvo heavy trucks line-up

The Volvo Trucks Corporation, the world’s second largest manufacturer of heavy trucks and tractors -after colossus Daimler- has recently refreshed and updated their mid-size and full-size models, inside and outside. From left to right: the FM, FH, FH16 and FMX.

Volvo FH16 interior

The interior of the latest FH16 top model, as in 16 liter engine displacement.

Volvo FE Electric

Since I mentioned solar project and electrical substation, I must refer to the fact that the Swedes also offer the lighter FL and FE models (pictured the latter) as electric vehicles, up to 27 metric tons GVM. No concepts, but available at the local Volvo Store right now.

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