CC Global: WSI XXL Truck Show – The Top Of The Line Of Dutch Trucking

Small hauling companies, family businesses and owner-operators take pride in their trucks, tractors and big rigs. Typically, they also take the time and effort to present their spotless and colorful vehicles to the public at the truck shows.

Among this group of owners, Scania, Volvo and DAF are the preferred suppliers in the Netherlands, which became almost painfully obvious when I visited last year’s edition of the WSI XXL show; there was just a handful of vehicles from the other truck makers (MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and Renault) in a sea of Swedish and Dutch rides. Enjoy the tour, I know that I did.

2017 DAF XF 460 FT tractor with a Super Space Cab. The model designation explained: the XF is DAF’s top model, it has a 460 DIN-hp engine (a 12.9 liter inline-6) and FT stands for Frontstuur Trekker, a cabover (4×2) tractor.

2016 DAF XF 440 FT, also with the truck maker’s Super Space Cab. Its engine is a 10.8 liter inline-6.

2012 Mercedes-Benz Actros 4146 8×4 truck with a heavy Fassi crane behind the cab, owned by the globally operating heavy-haulage specialist Mammoet (Mammoth).

Christian Lerche from Denmark brought his late model Scania S500 tractor to the show. This generation of heavy Scanias was introduced in the summer of 2016.

2016 Volvo FM 6×2 roll off truck for hauling open top containers. A huge one, in this case. The FM is Volvo’s mid-size truck model, this one has a 10 metric tons front axle.

A traditional 6×2 chassis, meaning a truck or tractor with a non-steering, liftable tag axle with dual wheels.

2018 Iveco Stralis Hi-Way tractor with 440 DIN-hp from an 11.1 liter inline-6. Obviously a demo. The tractor features a steering and liftable pusher axle with single wheels (often super singles); highly common, as can be seen in many of the following pictures.

The total axle load at the rear is 19 metric tons (7.5 for the pusher axle plus 11.5 for the drive axle), exactly the same as the tandem of a factory 6×2 -like the yellow Volvo further above- or 6×4 chassis.

2017 Volvo FH 6×2 refrigerated truck for transporting fresh onion products. That’s what it says on its side.

2018 DAF XF 480 FTG Super Space Cab. The letter G means that the tractor is equipped with a steering and liftable pusher axle. Owner Goedegebuure likes a Less-is-More look and so do I. What a magnificent, super clean machine.

And the DAF truck logo of yore, as seen here on the back of the roof, will never fade away. It’s simply too phenomenal.

2017 Scania R580 8×4 tow truck with a 16.4 liter V8. This beast, with a curb weight of 25,170 kg, represents the top segment of tow trucks, perfectly capable of repatriating the heaviest vehicles from all over Europe.

2017 Scania R650 tractor, naturally with a V8. It has a 9 metric tons front axle, as always the drive axle is good for 11.5 metric tons maximum axle load.

Many drivers still like an old-school steering wheel. As an aside, the interior reminds me of a legendary David Lynch movie.

This must be one of Mr. Sneepels’ former tractors, on the back of the cab of his current set of wheels.

2017 DAF XF 510 FTG Super Space Cab.

2010 Volvo FH 8×2 tractor with a Palfinger crane, 500 hp from a 12.8 liter inline-6. Pitch-black and orange, a rather unusual color combination, but it’s looking just fine. Well done!

Michel Kramer’s Street Judge 2.0, a 2017 Scania S580 tractor.

It’s towing a 2015 Broshuis 2CONnect double semi-trailer for transporting shipping containers. The whole combination has 5 steering axles: 2 on the tractor, both axles of the first semi-trailer and the last axle of the second semi-trailer.

Another one, a 2013 Scania R520 with a 2018 Broshuis 2CONnect double semi-trailer.

This is the first, front semi-trailer.

And the whole combination, connected and ready to rumble. Of course the semi-trailers can also be used separately.

This video shows how it all works.

2016 DAF XF 460 FT Super Space Cab. A fully covered frame has become quite common on owner-operator tractor units.

2017 Scania S580 6×2 tractor.

An LZV, also called an ecocombi. That’s any combination with a maximum overall length of 25.25 m (82’10”) and rated at a GVM of 60 metric tons. The tractor is a 2018 Volvo FH 4×2.

Another LZV configuration, with a 2014 Volvo FH 6×2 truck as a starting point.

2015 DAF XF 510 FTG Super Space Cab.

On the right, a 2016 DAF XF 440 FT Space Cab. A forefather on the left, a 1986 DAF 3300 ATi (Advanced Turbo Intercooling) Space Cab.

Classy and with a perfect stance, this 2018 Scania S520 tractor. Scania-Vabis (on the back of the cab) is the truck maker’s pre-1969 name, the old name has become some sort of badge of honor.

And then I noticed the much older, orange Scania 143 Streamline COE (with the silver striping) in the background of these pictures…

…an almost identical tractor is driving aroung in North America, it’s a small world indeed! I’m quite positive that both Scanias were originally owned by the same Dutch company, S. Verbeek.

2018 Scania S450 (12.7 liter inline-6) 6×2 truck with an HMF crane and a drawbar trailer. Because of the permanent weight of the crane, the Scania has a 10 metric tons front axle. Typically, such low flatbed trucks and trailers are used to transport machinery and big aggregates.

2017 DAF XF 460 FTG Super Space Cab. Hop in!

Meanwhile….what’s cooking? Most certainly not a Burgundian meal, I’d say.

2018 DAF XF 480 FAN Super Space Cab. FAN: DAF-language for a cabover 6×2 truck chassis with a steering tag axle (single wheels).

The DAF tows a 2008 Van Eck mid-axle trailer. This type of trailers is easier to reverse than the more traditional -yet still widely used- type of drawbar trailers, an example can be seen in the picture below.

Another advantage is the very short distance between the truck and the trailer. The trailer has cargo doors at the front, with a small ramp the (un)loading process of the whole combination can be done in one movement.

2017 Volvo FH16 6×2 truck with 750 horses from the truck maker’s 16.1 liter inline-6.

2017 DAF XF 480 FT Super Space Cab.

2016 Scania R450 (12.7 liter inline-6) tractor.

2016 Liebherr mobile crane, type LTM 1070-4.2.

2017 Scania S450 4×2 truck, towing a mid-axle trailer with 3 axles.

So, what are the “premium” truck brands in your part of the world?

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