CC Going Into Year Two: Success, And Changes Ahead – It’s The Curbside Collaborative

In one year, CC has become a lively forum for sharing our diverse interests in all things automotive. CC is growing strongly, and currently some 50,000 Unique Visitors across the globe join us in the course of a month. Not huge, but that’s not anything to sneeze at either. And CC has evolved throughout the year as new Contributors have stepped up and increased their involvement. But it’s time to make the next step, and it’s going to be a fairly big one:

CC was founded on the premise that learning about our automotive hobby is an on-going affair. What best motivates me to write a piece is when I want to learn about a car or subject that really interests me. And what I get from your comments and from the other writers is what keeps it lively, entertaining and most of all, a learning experience. I’ve learned more from all of you than you’ll ever learn from me.

My current workload at CC is not sustainable. In addition to writing, there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work. So I’m going throttle back, and take full content responsibility for only one day a week (Wednesdays). And I’m going to stop writing up cars that I’m not really qualified on or motivated to write about (as in most GM cars from the eighties on up). So many of you are much better qualified to write about more recent cars than I will ever be. I may still post on other days, as the spirit moves me. But I’ve decided to stop worrying about whether the CC ship will sink without my full time involvement. I know it won’t. And I need to keep it enjoyable for myself, otherwise it’s not worth it.

A number of the current writers have offered to step up their commitment; understandably some can’t. So we need more. Not only is it not hard, it’s fun, as the Contributors will tell you. Posts don’t all have to be sweeping epics. Often a short piece will generate as much interest and discussion as a long one. Many of you post comments that are practically Blog Posts in themselves. The amount of insight, knowledge and experience you all bring is truly humbling. So turn your thoughts into Posts. Just let me know, and I’ll upgrade your status, and you can be a CC writer too!

Regarding our content: CC is a mix of long-form and short form content. The more in-depth articles are (usually) titled “Curbside Classic” or “Automotive History”. But we also do shorter pieces, drawing on photos submitted by the CC Cohort, as well as our own. Mr. Tactful has taken on the daily task of turning one or two of the Cohort submissions into Posts, as I have been doing in recent weeks. We started out calling them “Cohort Classics”, but I’m not too wild on that name. Until we get a better suggestion, we’ll call them “CC”, as in “abbreviated Curbside Classic”. Got a better name?

If some of you Cohort posters want to step up and post directly to CC, let me know. If you can add some commentary, and a few tidbits of context, it’s likely worthy. Just keep in mind that we do strongly favor cars shot on the street. And even if you just post at the Cohort, adding some commentary there is helpful and welcome. It will likely be included in the CC Post.

Thank you all for making it a highly memorable Year One. It’s your Curbside Classic, so how would you like to shape how Year Two will look? And if your cog just doesn’t want to mesh; that’s ok too. We welcome just readers too; and their comments. Got any?