In Motion Outtake: 1964 International C900 – The Smallest American Pickup Before The Ranger And S-10

CC 194 168 800

(first posted 3/21/2013. Updated 3/28/2016)    An American pickup with a six foot bed and a 93 hp 2.5 L four? Sounds rather like a base model short-bed Ranger or S-10 from the eighties or nineties, eh? But International trod that ground before, with its C900 compact pickup, offered in the US for just two years (1963-1964). Obviously, the market gave it a big thumbs down. Well, I gave catching this one a big thumbs up, as I just barely caught it on the go between two parked cars. I saw it out of the corner of my eyes, and what really made it obvious that it was a rare C900 was its distinctive four-cylinder bark as it accelerated briskly from a traffic stop. 

IH 900

Here’s the ad for it; love that yellow. The US version only came with a step-side bed.

IH 1961 International Truck Ad-05

The C900 first started life in Canada, in 1961, where it also had a sweptline bed. Odd. I suspect it was more successful there, as Canadians were generally thriftier. I guess that applies to certain a Eugenian, as this one appears to be still working away, thriftily.

Toyota Stout 1967_02USA

I strongly suspect it’s not just coincidence that the Toyota Stout, which appeared in 1963, two years after the IH C-Series, had  arather remarkable resemblance. Oddly enough, the Stout didn’t sell very well her either. It was a “midi-size”, like the IH Compact, and buyers were more interested in the mini-pickups that Datsun was selling. So Toyota switched gears within a few years and dropped the Stout and started selling the Hilux.

(PS: I know that the title might easily be challenged with vehicles like the Crosley, etc. In this case, I’m referring to traditional American pickups in the modern era as typically defined)