CC Outtake: 1966 Ford F250 – Still On The Job; Me Too

No, not my own ’66 F-100, although it too was working when I shot this one at the lumberyard. As I prepared to pull out onto Highway 99 with a load of materials, a Long Load truck carrying utility poles-to-be went by with the obligatory flag vehicle in its wake: a familiar face! Of course, it’s hardly the only other ’66 F-Series around, but usually they’re not seen doing this kind of job.

Typically, this job is the province of modest and substantially newer pickups of the Ford Ranger and its ilk since, understandably, you don’t want a breakdown while doing this. And in truth, I was a bit worried about this truck, which indeed sounded very “off”. Its FE 352 V8 chugged as though arrhythmic, sounding like it either wasn’t firing on all cylinders; or it was, but not at the intended intervals.  How many times I’ve rued not getting an F-250, with its big chunky axles, wheels and tires, and suspension and brakes to match. Of course, they ride like hell when empty.

There it goes, ka-chugging down Highway 99.

Since we’re on the subject of lumber and work, here’s the latest addition to the Niedermeyer fleet of Curbside Classics as of 6 PM last night, right after we finished setting the trusses. Attic trusses are a wonderful invention: 60% additional floor space for very little extra cost. And with a couple of experienced helpers, they were set in under three hours. Now on to the roof before the rains start.