CC Outtake: Just Another Streetside View In Eugene

We’ve had lots of two-fers, some three-fers, but how about a four-fer?

Ok, it was the Plymouth and Matador that caught my eye first. They’re both familiar, having been subjects of previous CCs, but I’ve never seen them hooked up.

The ’73 Matador has acquired a nasty rear-door dent since its debut here at CC. Now if only that Fury were a ’70 or ’71, than we’d have two loop-bumpermobiles.

The ’69 Fury is a daily driver that I encounter very regularly. Here’s its day in the spotlight.

Honda Accord wagons aren’t very common, and this one is a sweetie. Honda just didn’t sell very many, but folks who have them don’t want to give them up. What to replace them with? The Olds (not this particular one), that also has been documented here, as the last chapter of the CCCCC.

So three CCs in one shot, as this generation of Accord joins the ranks–long overdue, too. Oh yes, then there’s that BMW…