CC Outtake: 1968 Dodge Coronet 440 Sedan – Dressed Up Taxi

CC 237 097 1200

When I see a Coronet sedan, I just can’t help but see a taxicab. I worked for a small cab operation in Towson in 1967, in their service station, and it was wall-to-wall Coronets. The sound of all their tired slant sixes starting up on a cold morning with their distinctive mechanical-lifter clatter, and then churn away down York Road is seared in my auditory memory banks. But obviously, they weren’t all taxis, as this high-trim 440 proves.

 Dodge 1968 coronet taxiimage

This is what I see when I think ’68 Coronet sedan; right down to those distinctive extra-small diameter hub caps.

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This 440 sedan showed up recently in my neighborhood, and it’s obviously not slant six powered. And the odds that its trim level corresponds to the displacement of its V8 aren’t good either. Most likely, a 318.

Needless to say, Chrysler B-Body four door sedans had a bit of an image problem. They were very much favored as police cars and taxis, and there were certain hard-core Mopar fans (often miserly old guys with a mechanical slant) who bought them. But these just couldn’t compete with GM’s barrage of mid-sized sedans that generally had more flair, if not always perfect styling either.

Well, the late 60s through the early 80s was the era of coupes, and that’s where the money and styling effort went. The sedans went…to taxi fleets.