Cohort Outtake: 1967 Chevrolet Van Scenicruiser

Chevrolet 1967 van high top fq

nifty43 found and posted this ’67 Chevy Sportvan at the Cohort. Never seen one like that before; I’d say it’s a home-brew job. But if it were mine, I’d have painted it silver all over, and added a few Greyhound logos on it.

Scenicruiser restored fq

Of course, the effect would be even better if it was a windowless van.

Chevrolet 1967 van high top rq

The rakish back end has a bit of overhang. Pretty unique. And maybe it wasn’t homemade; there were lots of small companies trying to get into the camper market back then.

And here’s the story on the real Scenicruiser.