CC Outtake: 1968 Ford F250 4×4 – Still Haulin’ Wood

CC 218 063 1200

Have we shown you too many old Ford trucks? Sorry; I just can’t help myself, especially when it’s one still employed at work, like this fine ’68 F250 4×4 hauling a load of firewood. It’s a wee bit rusty for Eugene; I’m guessing it found its way here like so many Oregonians; the Oregon Trail hasn’t exactly ever shut down. With a canvas top over the back, this would have made a fine rig with which to drive the original Oregon Trail.

CC 218 062 1200

Something about those gray wheels tells me this owner still takes his truck seriously. And that this truck has a substantial future ahead of it, as long as folks are still burning wood. Which around here is likely to be forever.