Cohort Sighting: DIY Model Change


What do you do when your favorite automaker doesn’t update their convertible? You simply slap the new model’s front end onto the old car!  That, at least, was the solution was for one of this car’s likely many owners.  Try as I might, I couldn’t find any obscure production run of Peugeot cabriolets with the 505’s front end, so this must be a customized 504 cabriolet.


It would appear that the front end of this car, spotted in Aswan, Egypt by tonymcandrew45, received a bit more effort than the rear end, which simply had its taillight clusters swapped with another car’s.  And while they look like they came from a pre-facelift 505, they’re actually a different shape.  I can’t quite place the car they were taken off of and it’s killing me.  Watch one of our first commenters correctly guess where they came from.


I’m not sure I’d mess with the original Pininfarina styling, but I suppose the owner wanted more distinction than a stock 504 cabriolet surrounded by so many 504 sedans and wagons could provide.  Still, at CC, a modified sedan might be more to our liking.