CC Outtake: 1970s Chevy Truck – Dogs Love Trucks

02-055 proc

When Nissan introduced its Frontier truck in 1997 with this ad, it tried to tug at our heartstrings for its new, bigger truck by having a dog lead its owner to buy one. But it didn’t work. The least of the reasons was the actor at the end who popped up out of the manhole saying, “Dogs love trucks!” Car geeks like us might have known that this was supposed to be Nissan automotive auteur Yutaka Katayama. To everyone else, it was just a bad, even borderline offensive parody of an older Japanese man.

No, the ad’s real problem was this: everybody knows that dogs love big, traditional American trucks, even a shorty like this one. Nissan, and Toyota for that matter, have made serious truck inroads since 1997, but still haven’t overcome our brand loyalty to Chevy and Ford.

I shot this in South San Francisco, California, while there on business earlier this month. It’s another film shot, taken with my Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 camera.