Cohort Outtake: 1947 Studebaker Pickup – Hauling Plenty Of Cool

Studebaker 1947 PU 4

We’re slipping into a bit of a pickup mode today, and when I spotted this M-Series Studebaker at the Cohort posted by Eric Clem, I couldn’t resist. I’ve always thought these were rather exceptional little trucks, on a number of levels, starting with the styling by Raymond Loewy. The M-Series trucks arrived in 1940, just one year after the compact Champion, which rather saved Studebaker’s bacon after a disastrous 1938. The M-Series trucks—except for the larger 1.5 ton and up versions—also used the Champions drive train, including its very sweet-running 164 cubic inch flathead six. These were in essence compact trucks, but worked just as hard as the bigger ones.

Studebaker 1947 PU 2

I’m assuming it’s a ’47, based on the Oregon plate. The M-Series was replace in 1949 by the also rather advanced R-Series.

Studebaker 1947 PU 5

One of the best faces ever, and quite advanced for 1940. The little six in these may have been down on torque some from the bigger ones used in competing trucks, but it revved higher, and made almost as much horsepower. And it was very efficient, to boot.

Studebaker 1947 PU 3

This one exhibits just the right amount of patina for today’s in look (which has been mine for decades), but hey; I’m used to being ahead of the cool curve  🙂   I used to admire the patina on the Mennonite farmer’s old Advanced Chevy trucks and such back in the 60s. I’m guessing the chrome trim on the wheels is off-center for a similar cool reason.

One very sweet little truck.