CC Outtake: 1975 Corvette – Not What It Was Cracked Up To Be

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Seeing a vintage Corvette sitting in front of the daily driver, and looking like it’s not been getting much exercise is not an uncommon sight. In fact, it’s almost stereotypical, especially from this vintage, which pretty much has to be the low point in the corvette’s long and bumpy life. Inevitably, there’s something wrong with the car, but I wasn’t exactly expecting what I saw when I moved in closer.

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Ouch! How did that happen?

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I’m not totally certain if this is a ’75 or ’76, but if it is the former, it came with the feeblest engine since the original 1953 Corvette with the Blue Flame six. The base 350 was rated at all of 165 (net) hp, and the overwhelming majority of ’75 Corvettes were equipped wit it, as the optional 205 hp L82 was only available late in the model year. But that was small comfort, as the that still made it the feeblest optional top-output engine in a Corvette dating back to the mid 50s. And those old ‘Vettes were considerably lighter.

There’s a reason Corvettes of this vintage are sitting around cracked up; but for how much longer?