CC Outtake: 1979 Toyota Mega-Cab Pickup

CC 178 126 925

Back in the dark ages, when most pickups only came in regular cabs, a substantial little industry developed around extending them with “sleeper cabs”, so called because they resembled the ones on big rigs. Well, at least I called them that; I don’t know about anyone else. But there’s no doubt that they were once quite common, and a number of companies got in the act. It involved cutting and extending the frame, and adding a fiberglass cab extension. And they’re getting rather rare these days, except here in Curbsidelandia, of course. Here’s another:

CC 45 057 800

This one is even older, a ’77 to be precise, and because I talked to the owner, I even know that the conversion was done by Cortez, who also built the famous Cortez motorhome (I assume, although I wouldn’t take that for granted). Needless to say, it was a relatively short-lived phenomena, like so many other things from that era. Pet rock, anyone?