Curbside Classic: Vintage Toyota Mother Lode, Part Two

1965 Toyota 700

Yesterday we saw a variety of classic Toyotas stored outdoors. Today we’ll see others that were deemed worthy of indoor storage. As you can imagine, these are in a little bit better shape.

1965 Toyota 700 1

First up is this 1965 Toyota 700/Publica Deluxe, right on the showroom floor. It is was quite tight in there, so I could only get some rather average photos of it. According to (now absent) information on the dealer’s web site, this 700 was acquired in 1991 in rough condition, and then was restored by their own paint-and-body department over a two-year period.

1965 Toyota 700 dash

Even buyers who selected a heater, radio and cigarette lighter from the option list didn’t didn’t find many luxuries inside. This one has an automatic gearbox, which I believe was standard for the Canadian market.

Toyota Publica mechanical

The automatic transmission, dubbed Toyoglide, had only two forward speeds. Teamed with the 697 cc, 32-hp (28 hp when introduced) two-cylinder engine, it’s a good bet that forward progress was leisurely. Suspension-wise, the there were double wishbones with torsion bars up front, while the live rear axle was suspended by semi-elliptical leaf springs.

1965 Toyota 700 rear

Is it just me, or do those look like Ford Pinto hubcaps? They’re almost identical but look a size smaller.

Publica line

In the home market, other body styles were offered over the years, including a convertible, a pickup and a wagon.

1962 Toyota Publica Sports concept

The Toyota Publica Sports concept car of 1962, based off the Publica/700 platform, spawned the slightly less radical S800 sport coupe.

1960 Toyota Toyopet Crown Custom

Across the street is an extra lot and a building that appears to house the dealership’s overflow inventory. Tucked inside, but still visible from the street, are a few more treasures. Among them is this 1960 Toyopet Crown Custom, a model not originally sold in Canada; however, these were sold in the United States, as Toyopets, starting in 1958. This 1960 example was sold new in San Francisco, California, for around $2,000, and followed its owner to Canada in the late 1960s. In 1973, after helping the owner secure parts for his early Crown, the dealership became the second owner of this car, which has a mere 35,674 miles on the odometer.

1960 Toyota Toyopet Crown Custom rear

Having seen this one at a car show a number of years back, I can attest to its lovely condition.

1970 Toyota Sprinter

Also on display is this charming 1970 Toyota Corolla Sprinter. Besides its excellent condition, the most amazing thing about this Corolla might be that it has managed to keep its original trash can lid-inspired hubcaps all these years. Its like-new appearance is explained by the mere 25,600 miles on the odometer.

1977 Toyota Celica GT

How about something a little more sporty? This 1977 Toyota Celica GT looks to be in equally nice condition. The dealer’s now-defunct website once offered the following description:

On June 8th, 1977, Mr. Jim Pugh purchased this Toyota Celica brand new, from Frontier Toyota in Winnipeg, for the cash price of $5,990. Some 12 years later, he sold this car to his son, Jeffery, who lives in Calgary.

On July 5th, 1992, Jeffery came to Heninger Toyota and traded his 1977 Celica for a 1990 Toyota pickup. He received a trade-in allowance of $6,000 and agreed to the trade on the condition that Heninger Toyota would not offer his old Celica for resale, but keep it on display.

Seems a little odd that someone would trade in a classic, but it sure is nice to see one in time-capsule condition.