CC Outtake: 1981 Toyota SR5 Long-Widebed Crewcab Dually?


Stopped by the nearby St. Vinny’s the other day and this luminous Nippon Denso-stein was the first thing I noticed.  Unfortunately this isn’t the Official Curbside Classic Classic Car Lot, or I might have driven home in it.


I’m guessing ’81 since I had one years ago and the front clip looks the same, but it’s certainly in that vintage.  The similarities to my ’81 end at the cab roof, regardless.


Sunroof?  Moonroof?  Periscope portal?  Not sure what to make of it.  The second “window”, however, looks very familiar.


 Found this picture of my 85 Faux Runner for reference.  The dealer (natch!) told me that Monaco Coach had chopped the back window out and placed the fiberglass shell on it, hence the title.  I sold it to a friend before a move a few years ago, and he’s still not certain what the exact story is.  Whatever the truth is, it deserves a write-up of it’s own…



There are quite a few chopped-up 80’s Toyota trucks around Eugene, but this one is my ostentatious favorite.