CC Outtake: 1983 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz – Mark Envy

CC 234 009 1200

I’ve repeatedly given poor Lee Iaccoca a hard time for trying to build essentially the same car for a quarter of a century. But his patented formula certainly moved a lot of metal, and during the seventies, the big Lincoln Continental Marks threw their heft around in luxury coupe market very effectively. But the unfortunate downsizing of the Mark VI was not a hit, and the momentum moved back towards the Eldorado. But some folks just couldn’t give up the classic Mark look.

CC 234 019 1200

No, the fake radiator shell is not from the factory, but there was a healthy market for aftermarket ones. And they were especially popular on the Biarritz, which had all the other trademark Mark marks.

CC 234 012 1200

The Iaccoca Cap™ roof,

CC 234 013 1200

and the…a…um….charming little carriage lamp, among others. I’m trying hard not to be negative today.

CC 234 016 1200

And there’s the requisite tufted leather seats. The el-cheapo steering wheel cover is not genuine Iaccoca-ware.

CC 234 015 1200

This one proudly displays its Touring Suspension badge. That was one decided difference from the Lincolns; the GM luxo-coupes and big sedans had more budget spent on their underpinnings than genuine Iaccoca-mobiles. Perhaps lee grew up drinking lots of floats.

CC 234 020 1200

The momentum may have been somewhat in the Eldorado’s favor during the first half of the eighties, but the disastrous downsizing of 1986 soon took care of that. And of course, these Eldos had major engine issues, but let’s just gloss over that. It’s what’s up front that counts.