Sixty Classics Stashed Away In Grandpa’s Farm Sheds To Be Auctioned

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French businessman Roger Baillon bought over a hundred classic and old cars during the 1950s thought the 1970s, with plans to restore them and open a museum. A business setback in the seventies dashed those hopes, and fifty had to be sold then. The rest were stashed in make-shift shelters and barns on his rural property. He died about ten years ago, and his son died last year. His two grandsons, who had no idea of the extent of the collection, are going to auction them off, hopefully bringing them close to $20 million. Thanks, Grandpa!

In this shot, we see a Facel-Vega Excellence four door hardtop next to a Talbot-Lago T26 once owned by Egyptian King Farouk.

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These two (rightfully) rated an actual garage. They will undoubtedly be among the highest priced cars of the bunch, given the prices of vintage Ferraris and Maseratis these days. That’s a 250 GT SWB California Spider on the left, expected to fetch up to $14 million alone. The Maserati is an A6G 2000 Gran Sport Frua; Only three were ever made, making it worth over a million.

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Here it is, pulled out for a better look. I doubt the old trucks will get saved.

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This one wasn’t identified, but it’s almost certainly one of a number of Delahays or Delages. Anybod certain?

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This once-splendid Talbot-Lago suffered an indignity to its rear end long ago which will undoubtedly get finally fixed.

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This Panhard Dynamic shows how most of the cars have been stored under leaky corrugated metal sheds.

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The ones on the outside ends are being reclaimed by ivy. Nasty stuff.

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Some of the cars are more prosaic, like this early Renault Dauphine.

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There’s a video and a full list of all the cars here at the