CC Outtake: 1984 Dodge Rampage – When The Day’s Work Is Done…

CC 187 041 950

…then it’s time to close the gate to the shop, and hop in your Dodge Rampage for the drive home.

I came across this scene a couple of days ago on our walk, reveling in the fact that it was already well after five and there was still daylight. Well, not much of it, which helps explain why these shots are a bit fuzzy. But whenever I come across a scene like this, I can’t help but wonder if this Rampage was bought new 30 years ago? It certainly seems plausible. One way to find out: Hi there!

CC 187 043 950

A brief chat revealed that this Rampage was bought just six months ago, when the owner decided he wanted a compact but reasonably comfortable-riding truck. It’s not like there’s something comparable available new, so he found this and is quite happy with it. What’s not to like? With the durable Chrysler 2.2 “Slant Four”, performance is certainly adequate given the Rampage’s 2,400 lb weight. And traction on our occasionally snowy or icy days doesn’t require lugging around a couple of hundred pounds of sandbags in the bed. What’s not to like indeed?

Time to go–supper is waiting.

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