Curbside Classic For Sale: 1966 Mercury Monterey Sedan – Nerdy, Sturdy Available And Affordable


It’s been well documented on these pages how much I’ve been aching to get my hands on a classic Oldsmobile. But there is a mid-century mid-market option that repeatedly rears its neglected head: Mid-sixties big Mercurys.


Two Mercurys I’ve previously featured on Curbside Classic have donned “for sale” signs and have been put up for purchase on Craigslist since they got their time in the spotlight here. This beautiful Breezeway has had a few $5,000 runs on Craigslist, but still sits in Bushrod Park awaiting a dance.


This massive mother of a 1966 Commuter preceded the Breezeway by a couple of months at a cheaper price: $2,950. As much as I love wagons, I couldn’t convince myself that it was worth the price.


Enter our Milquetoast Monterey sedan. Third owner, mostly original, but with some “carb or vacuum issues” according to the seller. $2,000. Although this was one of those “Little Lincoln on a Fancy Ford budget” periods of Mercury, you can’t deny they embody a simple wholesomeness. I always liked how stately the 1965-66 Mercury big cars looked, despite so obviously being Galaxies underneath.


It’s very “mid 1960’s generic big car” in appearance, so most people wouldn’t know what it is. Nerdy and sturdy is the most apt description I can think of. Well, and with a 390 V8, probably thirsty too. What say you fellow curbsiders, would you hook yourselves to this rather ordinary winged messenger?