CC Outtake: Authentic Woody Corolla

I’m not going to try to translate Country Squire into Japanese. Anyway, unlike the Germans, the Japanese sent plenty of woody wagons this way (see the top of our masthead). I wonder if the woodies sold in Japan too?  Anyway, those used Di-Noc too; or the Japanese imitation of it. But here we have the real thing: genuine wood gracing this vintage Corolla.

I recognize that wainscot paneling, and they salvaged some old stained trim. Looks like it’s pretty fresh still too. Stephanie got quite excited upon seeing this; she wants it on her Subaru; what’s a Forester without some real wood?

I tried to have her imagine what this is going to look like after a wet winter or two here; as it is, this one is already showing some “issues”.  But it sure makes this Corolla stand out on the street.