CC Outtake: The VW Landesherr – Or Lost In Translation

Some words or concepts just don’t translate well from English to German, like Country Squire. I just spent twenty minutes trying to find the most suitable translation for the word. And it still doesn’t feel just right. Kind of like this attempt to make a Country Squire VW bus. Even if Landesherr is the right word, it certainly would have made a lousy name for a vehicle. But it sure makes for a nice contrast to today’s Country Squire.

Of course, if VW had made a voody van, they quite likely would have taken this approach: a durable wood-grain paint finish on the sheet metal, instead of flaky Di-Noc.

The VW bus certainly had better sitting accommodations than the Country Squire, with its tall, upright bus seating. And even with eight on board, there was still a fair amount of luggage space. Of course, its 2.0 L four didn’t quite pack the torque of Ford’s big lazy eights. Especially with an automatic, and (God forbid) air conditioning. But that didn’t keep a fair number of folks from choosing the Volkswagen. And at least one of them wishes there had been a Gutsherr version.