CC Outtake: Because It’s Not A Proper Continental Without It

CC 133 009 900

There is no American automotive affectation that grinds my gears more than “continental kits”. OK; these like this one are just a bad joke (I hope), that can’t be taken seriously. But what gets me going is that some collectors of fifties cars seem to think that they just don’t look right without a ridiculous conti kit and giant bumper extension.

Continental 1939

Poor Edsel Ford; he’d be spinning in his grave if he knew what his superbly elegant 1939 Continental started. Well, in the thirties, cars from “the continent” (Europe) did often have spares on the rear, as had some American cars. But its spare was gracefully tucked into a recess behind the short rear trunk.

Continental MKII  800

And we have his son to blame for its immortal popularity. I really like the MKII, but not the spare hump. Sorry; that’s not “continental” at all anymore, in the fifties. Let’s call it what it became: the American spare.

Continental kit Olds

This is becoming increasingly common. I never saw one once when I was a kid. Well, maybe one or two, but never on something like this. OK; I have a sense of humor (somewhere), but I’m not sure they’re trying to be funny. I guess it beats putting on that ridiculous plastic affair on the Town Car. Please; enough already.