CC Outtake: “Would You Like To Hear About My Volt?” “Umm, No Thanks”

CC 195 081 900

I was standing there at the corner of this business’ parking lot, camera up to my eyes to take a picture of these two fine cars next to each other, as they make an interesting juxtaposition.

But it was obviously the Ford EXP that attracted me, as Volts are a dime a dozen here. Just then  this man comes around the corner, sees me lining up my shot, and proudly says: “would you like to hear about my Volt?”  “Um, sorry; it’s that EXP over there that I’m actually shooting”. He looked a bit miffed, got in and silently glided out. Little did he know that I was the Volt expert at TTAC, covering every detail from the day of its announcement through its colorful gestation. Maybe I should have asked him if he wanted to hear about the Volt, although some of it might best be kept buried.

Oh; regarding the EXP: I’ve already shot that car, and its CC will re-appear here soon. I just couldn’t resist a few more shots of its shockingly ugly mug. Now to find an LN-7.

CC 195 087 900