CC Outtake: Building Season – For Them, Me, And Maybe You Too

Something about September that gets me in the serious mood to build. The sun’s not so strong, the air’s crisp, and probably there’s an instinctual feeling about getting a shelter built before the winter. I guess I’m not the only one, as these folks are raising the cab-over bedroom roof on their old  motorhome. The woman told me she was tired of banging her head when she got up in the morning. It seems there’s a little underground remodeling business among homeless folk: her “builder” had arrived via bicycle. Looks like he knows what he’s doing too.

Well, I’m at it too, and we finally broke ground on a little house I’m going build in the lot behind my house.

We excavated a couple of weeks ago, and as I write this, I can hear the foundation guys banging on their forms, getting ready for the pour in an hour or so. I’ve lined up a knowledgeable carpenter to take the lead, but I’m going to be down there as much as I can too. I’ll try to keep the CC momentum going at full tilt. Multitasking! something I’m finally getting a bit better at.

So if you’ve ever thought about being a CC Contributor, this is the perfect time to build your first Curbside Classic. Send Submissions (text and pictures) to me via the Contact form. Somehow, I don’t see an extended trip in the Chinook on the horizon this fall.