Cohort Capsule: 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Coupe – Better Late Than Never

Back when we did the CC Complete Cutlass Chronicles (you have seen them, right?), I could not come up with a ’66-’67 Cutlass coupe and had to pinch hit. So here it is, in all its genuine curbside goodness: A war-battered veteran, and from Washington D.C., no less. CC Cohort c5karl posted these about 18 months too late, but in the spirit of better late than never, I’m adding them to the aforementioned CC.

This shot is particularly nice. The sun and shadows accentuate the car’s key design elements so nicely while (mostly) sparing us its crunched face. The Cutlass probably shares this tunnel-back roof with its A-Body brethren, but its unique hips and Toronado-inspired  slab sides and big wheel flares express a surprisingly strong Olds identity. Somehow, the Cutlass even manages to look bigger than its corporate siblings.

The ‘66 Toronado’s bladed front fenders also made it to the Cutlass, albeit in slightly less aggressive form. From here, it looks like they bore the brunt of an encounter with a solid mass…ouch! That’s too bad, because otherwise this Cutlass is in very decent original shape.

I wasn’t going to say any more, but this side shot restates my point: This Cutlass looks like a full-sized car. Yes, I know they weren’t exactly small, but the Olds simply looks the biggest of all the ’66-’67 A-body coupes. Now I just need to find a ’65 Olds Delta 88 Coupe. But wait a minute–I already did. What am I waiting for?