CC Outtake: Chevrolet Advance Design Pickup – Advanced Patina

CC 229 138 1200

Yes, patina is hot, and has been for some time. And some of it is faked, but not this Advance Design Chevy; it came about it the old-fashioned way.

CC 229 141 1200

I was into patina…decades before it became cool. In the early 70s, the cool thing to do in Iowa City was to find a nicely-patinated old Chevy pickup (or old sedan) like this from an old farmer. It was all part of the country-hippie wave that surged shortly after the San Francisco-psychedelic scene petered out. Purple wheels weren’t part of the look then, but otherwise, it’s perfect.

CC 229 142 1200

I had no serious problems with the purple wheels when I ran into this in Cottage Grove, but then I noticed the giant exhaust stack in the bed. Hmm. That wasn’t part of the look back then. Seems a big in diameter for a stove-bolt six. Or is there something else under the hood?

CC 229 145 1200

No immediate proof from looking in the cab; no fake patina here. But is that non-stock shifter sprouting from its original location? it looks a bit too close to the seat to me. Hmm; a visit to Google images confirms that. And a rather odd shifter it is. I’m going to have to guess that the familiar soft moan and drone of a Chevy six might not be what greets the ears upon start up.

CC 229 140 1200

Maybe a diesel? With which to pour a little coal from that big stack? A VW TDi would be perfect in one of these; 140 real hp, good performance and terrific mileage, as long as the emission system isn’t actually working, like the half million diesels VW has sold here the past six years. To pour some coal, that would be essential, and then some. (FWIW, VW’s cheating diesels were emitting 10-40 times the smog-forming pollutant NOx, not particulates).