QOTD/Confession Time: What’s The Worst Thing You Did With A Car?


After Matt Spencer’s true confessions of all of the sins he committed with his ’79 Accord, it’s time for the rest of you to line up at the confessional. Not to get religious here, but the Pope is coming to visit, so maybe this can be a warm-up act for you in case you’re invited to have a papal confession. Since Francis owns a CC, he might well have sympathies for your automotive sins and let you off a bit easier than a judge: “Use your car to do something good for someone else” instead of “License revoked!” 

I’ve documented my many automotive hijinks on these pages, but to tell the truth, I’ve never done anything all that bad in or with a car. I never destroyed or seriously damaged any cars through foolish behavior. I never liked getting drunk, so I only drove under the reasonably-modest influence of alcohol a couple of times. I took my parents car (and others) out for drives before I had my license. I did drive under the influence of  cannabis and LSD, but they tend to make you drive more cautiously. I abused some new Fords when I was a car jockey in high school, but not really seriously. I’ve done stupid and potentially dangerous stuff like drive my Corvair on frozen lakes. I’ve only ever run into someone (more then a traffic rear-ender) once, but never hurt anyone, although I did put his ’69 Ford Country Sedan out of commission. So what’s my worst automotive sin?

I’d have to say it was all the many times I drove like a jerk, weaving through slower traffic at high speed in my Turbo Coupe or 300E, not all too different than this guy, cutting other drivers off, aggressive passing, scaring or at least annoying them. I can be impatient and feel superior in my car and my driving. It’s ok to drive fast and even a bit reckless, but not when it impacts others negatively, even if there’s no actual damage. Other folks have a right to a calm driving experience, as long as they’re not actually holding up traffic.


CC 222 026 1200

Since moving to Oregon, I still drive fast, but on on empty back highways and forest roads. Is that a sin? Francis; what say you?

Your turn to confess; you’ll feel better for it.