CC Outtake: Chevrolet Advance Design Step Van – Step Right Into My Living Room

Chevrolet truck advance step van 3

Since we’re doing odd-ball trucks today, this is a new one for me: a step van built on a conventional Chevy Advance Design light truck chassis. It’s obviously been converted into a camper of sorts, but its origins are unmistakable. My nephew Aidan shot it in the Bay Area, and needless to say, I love it, as I do all of these vintage Chevy trucks. I could see my 23 year-old self behind the wheel (or in the bed) of this truck.

Chevrolet Trucks 1948 van br-24

Chevrolet and GMC had been selling their “Dubl-Duti” step vans since the thirties; this one is from 1948.

Railway Express Ford

But then I remembered a Ford Railway Express Agency delivery truck from the late 40s that a friend of mine in Iowa City overwintered in out on some folks’ land; it was just like the one above, but a fair amount worse for wear. So clearly conventional trucks with step-in cabs and sliding doors were also in use back then.

Chevrolet truck advance step van 2

Who knows what this truck spent its days delivering. But it’s survived, and is still at it.

Chevrolet truck advance step van 1

The back doors and bumper have given way to a windowed wall, as has the side wall. Re-purposed, if not very advanced any more.