CC Outtake: Chevrolet “Advance Design” Urban Lumber Truck – Got Wood?

CC 142 144 950

The Urban Lumber Company is one of those undertakings that makes you think: “why didn’t someone think of this before?” Well, maybe they have, but not so successfully, at least not here. Seth San Filippo was a young woodworker and skateboarder, and decided that old trees being cut down in the urban area had great potential. Now he has a complete facility for processing all kinds of salvaged timber, as well as a big showroom downtown full of superb creations made out of them. And he has this old Chevy truck out front. Turns out working on old Chevys is one of his hobbies. Figures. Makes a perfect combination.

A full CC on the Advanced Design Chevy truck is here. And if you’re into old logging trucks, there’s this CC on a 1937 International.