Jeep XJ Day Postscript: You Can Still Buy A New Cherokee In China For $12,000

cherokee- china-bj-11-458x416


I blew it when I said the Cherokee was no longer in production in China. That was based on old information, inasmuch as the original Beijing-Jeep joint-venture (later Beijing-Chrysler, and Beijing-Daimler-Chrysler) did peter out in 2009. That was historic, as the Jeep JV was the first of its kind for an American car in China, in 1984. After Chrysler pulled out in 2009, Beijing Auto Works took over production itself, and the Knight S12 is very much still available, although not with the drive trains of yore.

The Knight is now powered by either 2.0 or 2.2 L fours, an older Nissan design. A bit modest, but with 141 hp, the 2.2 and a five speed manual might work for minimalist me. The front end styling: not so much so. At least the rest of it is pretty unmolested, and it has a new interior. Maybe I could sign up to be a dealer? has the full details here.

hat tip to Solracer