CC Outtake: Curbside Classic Tours Of Eugene Now Offered By The Inn At The 5th – For A Price

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The Inn at the 5th is Eugene’s new upscale downtown hotel. Unfortunately, the architecture is very … umm … uninspired. As is their tag line: “A Very Special Boutique Hotel” (gag). Your trip to and from the airport will be in either a black Mercedes Sprinter van or the more expensive (but hardly new) S-Class sedan conspicuously parked by the front door. There’s a day spa in the ground floor to attend to all your bad-hair or bad-skin issues.

But all is not lost; since the Inn desperately needs every marketing ploy possible to attract folks to pay at least $149 a night in downtown Eugene during the depths of our gray winter, I’ve franchised them to offer official Curbside Classic tours.  And we’ve found just the car to do it in, a 1967 Volvo 122S “Amazon”. Tours, guided by your choice of attractive (and personally trained and certified) young female or male guide, come in one, two, four, and 24 hour lengths, and start at $99. I’m scouring craigslist for a suitable old Brougham with velour upholstery as an alternative tour vehicle for the import-hating crowd. Got any suggestions?