CC Outtake: The Low Cost Alternative To Eco-Touring Eugene’s Curbside Classics

CC 184 133 1200

Before I’m accused of 1% elitism with my deal to offer pricy CC tour packages through the Inn At The 5th, please know that I’m committed to making Eugene’s curbside cultural treasures accessible to all income levels (this is Eugene, after all). My many walks through the more colorful neighborhoods have exposed me to all sorts of ingenious human-powered rigs, and I’ve selected the finest one to be replicated in small quantities (certified to be built by genuine homeless adults; no children). It’s available to rent for $19.99 per day; 5% of that will be donated to worthy non-profits. And of course, that includes a detailed map of where all the curbside classics are, as well as the best dumpsters for diving and scenic overnight camping spots on the banks of the Willamette River. There’s a range of bicycles available, including this genuine vintage Schwinn one speed. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the provenance of the bikes, so if someone runs up and demands their stolen bike back, just smile, unhitch it, and text us your location. We’ll send out a replacement pronto (via bicycle trailer, of course).