CC Outtake: Datsun 210 With Vintage Racing Stripes – Oh Joy!

CC 206 114 800

Oh joy! Another Datsun 210 to add to the roster of the others of its kind still in active duty here. How many does that make? Maybe five or six. How many are there in your town? And one with vintage racing stripes, with a big “D”  in the middle of it on the trunk; this is the kind of sight that really cheers me up. Don’t ask why, but I have a thing for Datsun 210s; one of the original Cockroaches of the Road™ and a seminal CC. I can get all mushy about them, like I did here. Speaking of that former logo-mobile, that woody wagon 210 is still plying the streets regularly, although its “wood” isn’t getting any better. And on the same subject, the ’50 Cadillac coupe is looking decidedly worse for wear. It was a bit depressing to see it moldering away slowly; it really does need to be inside. I tried to knock on the owner’s door, to make sure he’s all right, but he wasn’t home. Well, we’re all getting older; except this Datsun 210, of course.

Datsun 210 CC here