Future CC Outtake: White Sale Challenger

Recently, the modern Challenger was discussed during Mopar Week. One thing mentioned was the availability of white interiors in the new ones. I had thought that only the 2010 Furious Fuchsia limited edition had it, but recently I saw one in the wild that made me think otherwise. It was hard to miss at the Classy Chassy cruise night in Coralville, since we parked right next to it!

Looks factory, doesn’t it? As far as I know, the Challenger came only with a black interior since the SRT-only inaugural ’08 model, other than the aforementioned Fuchsia version.

Here’s the back seat. It actually looks livable, unlike the back seat of the original E-bodies. And of course I love anything with a white interior. Can’t stand black or “graphite” as they get way too hot in the summertime.

So, is it factory or dealer-installed? I don’t know, but I like it. And I know for a fact that you can get Radar Red leather in the 2013 Challengers–very welcome to someone like me, who has been losing patience with boring interior colors since the late ’90s. Let’s hope they keep it up.