CC Outtake: Datsun 710 Number Five, Along With Another Non-Nissan RWD Nissan

CC 241 117 1200

The number of Datsun 710 wagons in this town is actually growing! This addition to our streets makes the fifth one that is still being driven regularly. I posted about number four here, and the full 710 CC is here. And I rather liked how this one is parked next to another RWD Nissan. Is the Infiniti G35/37 the spiritual heir to the legendary Datsun 510/610/710 family?

CC 241 116 1200

I’d like to think that some G buyers once owned a 510 or such. The Gs brought back the formula that made the original 510 such an icon, in a more grown-up format. One that Nissan foolishly abandoned for way too long, handing it over to BMW and such. But the G has done a credible job of reclaiming it, even if it seems to not be quite in the limelight thta it enjoyed when it first appeared.

CC 241 115 1200

Now if only a 710 sedan or coupe would appear. But then wagons are cool, and unfortunately, there’s no G-wagon. Come on Nissan; these 710 owners can’t keep driving these forever.