CC Outtake: Let Sleeping BMW Owners Sleep

CC 240 212 1200

As I headed up 22nd Ave to my house, I couldn’t help notice this rather scruffy BMW 528e. Especially since its rear tire was flat, and the front wheel was sporting a temporary spare. A breakdown? I’m always willing to help.

CC 240 210 1200

I stepped along side it to get a profile shot, when I noticed something inside. Whoa!

CC 240 210 crop

I’m pretty tactless, but I didn’t really feel right about getting a close up of the person sleeping across the front seats. But his ffet are clearly visible in this crop of the picture above. Ok…

CC 240 209 1200

There was a not on the windshield, but I didn’t read it. Was it to him, or from him? A neighbor said he called the police, who told him there’s no crime in sleeping in one’s car. It was gone the next day. I wonder if he just drove off on the flat rear tire?