CC Outtake: Hippie Bus Out To Pasture

Hippie Bus Ray Charleton

Amazon Ray just sent me this shot that he took yesterday in a field near McMinnville, Oregon. This is a fine example of a classic hippie bus, and from the early period. The bus is the preferred International (like the original hippie bus Further), and it’s sporting the classic hippie VW bus on top, in this case a fine old 23-window Samba (those are worth something now). Not content to leave it at that, there’s the rear greenhouse section of a ’53-’54 Chevy Bel Air. The only thing missing is a clear plastic bubble on the back end of the roof, like a surplus one from a B-17 or such.

Hippie Bus Ray Charleton crop

I should start a series of the old hippie buses in the area here; there’s a lot of them. In my neighborhood, there’s a couple of them that are in back yards, when their occupants were finally ready to settle down and buy a house. The problem is that they’re so overgrown now, and hard to shoot. But there’s more sitting out in fields like this one. Will it get restored or sent to the crusher?