QOTD: Do You Dream About Cars?

Flying Car astra

So we’ve heard a slew of nightmare stories about dirty repair jobs as well as garish color combinations. But what about cars at night, while you’re asleep? I woke up a couple of nights ago with a very vivid dream where there were cop cars everywhere, but every one was a 1967 Impala fastback hardtop, in flat black paint, no less. Well, that’s actually pretty mild. I do tend to have lots of vivid car dreams, and I find myself thinking if only I could screen-save this! right while I’m dreaming it. My car dreams tend to fall into two categories: that regular cars can actually fly, if you know the right inputs why didn’t I know about this before?, and very bizarre cars. And quite often, a colorful combination of the two.

The flying car dreams have actually dissipated in recent years, but there was a time in my thirties and forties when they were a regular night-time feature, although not quite as common as being able to just lift off and fly myself (why don’t I dream that so much anymore…?)

flying man

It’s a wonderful feeling, just taking off in your body, sometimes just a low level levitation, other times more ambitiously. Thank you Peter Pan! It’s so easy… But I do/did often have recurring problems tangling with overhead electrical wires…not again!

Anyway, the flying car dream was also very common, and always associated with a certain sense of now just how and why is this working? Why don’t other folks realize their cars can fly? Oh right, the car is actually shaped in cross section like an airfoil…makes perfect sense...and what exactly is propelling the car? The spinning wheels, of course. Why didn’t I think of this sooner? Never mind.

Dream car besasie_01_1000someone built one of my dream cars: hemmingsblog

Sometimes, my flying cars are regular production models. But often, I’d find myself at an “airport”, and the cars parked there are all fantasmagoric.  I can’t begin to describe them in detail, but they usually involve various elements of real cars mixed up with far-out aspects from the imagination. And I am so utterly entranced by them, and I feel so brilliant for imagining them…Oh wow; there’s a 1962 Dodge rear quarter panel, and there’s a ’53 Studebaker headlight, and there’s a….if only I could show everyone what I’m seeing here.. And there’s dozens of these cars parked there. And I get to pick which one I can take for a flight.

Exner Turboflyte

It’s very frustrating to not be able to photograph them at the time, because I know they would be so awesome in the light of daytime consciousness. Or so I think at the time. Let’s just say that Virgil Exner’s Turboflyte “dream car” is perhaps the most readily available image I have on hand to give you a very rough idea of what I’m trying to describe. But it’s rather mild in comparison.

Well, I could go on and one, as vivid cars of one kind or another in my dreams are a recurring theme. So now it’s your turn; what cars show up in your dreams?